Simulation of Atrial Fibrillation

Simple Heart

you can simulate in nearly real-time scale arrhythmias like atrial fibrillation or electrophysiological procedures like entrainment.

Ablation simulation

Ablation simulation

You can simulate ablation simply by selecting particular areas of the model.

Tissue painter

Tissue painter

Paint-to-modify method of changing conduction properties like CV, ERP, conductivity, excitability - and structure.

Simple user interface

Simple user interface

Simple user interface and familiar controls - based on modern clinical electrophysiology lab equipment.

Anatomical models

Easy-to-import anatomy

Anatomical model can be based on real CT/MRI scan of human heart or artificially prepared 2d or 3d structure.

Standalone application

Standalone solution

Written in C/C++/Qt, the application is standalone and can run on a normal PC/Mac machine.

With Simple Heart

you can simulate in nearly real-time scale
mechanisms of disorders of heart rhythm
as well as clinical procedures of their assessment

Download source

Both the Windows Desktop Application and source code will be released here for free use, under GNUv3 license. At current stage, the source code is available on GitHub in a very undocumented and messy state:, and the software is in BETA tests.

The Author asks only to cite this website and one of publications ( e.g. this one ormy PhD Thesis ) in every derivative work done using the SimpleHeart software.


My PhD Thesis introducing the SimpleHeart framework

The applications are now still under construction - I encourage you to try them, but warn at the same time that applications are not optimized now to any machine other that I work on. They were tested on Windows 7 and built with Visual Studio 2013. If you encounter any problems, please inform me at my email address, I will try to help. The proper documentation and instructions are on the way
(and probably will be for some time).
Simpleheart 3d v0.8
Simpleheart 2d FK model v0.55
Simpleheart 2d FHNRogers model v0.54
Simpleheart 2d FHN model v0.53(should work best)
Simpleheart 2d FHN students model v0.5

Feel free to ask me any question

I will be happy to talk to you